Top 10 Blonde Fails Compilation | Funniest pretty ladies on the planet

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Check out our best selection of funniest beautiful blondes's fails! Yes, they fail but they are so cute and pretty, aren't they? It's just a pleasure to watch so enjoy and let us know which video is your favorite!

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If that was the top 10 fails then blondes are getting smarter cuz that was boring!!
Auteur - Roch Joly
At least when they fall, they save the beer...... can't be that dumb...
Auteur - Byron Roland
what's the fail at ? don't get it is she preventing them from taking her car?
Auteur - Meshall Alsowina

Iowa, a land so boring, that people are making makeshift flamethrowers in order to cope with the boredom.
Auteur - Trey Magathan
playing guitar while setting her room on fire.............................Taylor not-so Swift
Auteur - wcompto
The last is most laugh.
Auteur - 袁居安
None of these girls have natural blonde hair they where brown haired and then dyed it blonde
Auteur - и ι ρ ρ σ и g σ ! ω є α ѕ α в в ι !
The girls at are from Iowa, so it's no surprise they made the list.
Auteur - paul vandenboom
But blonde is love
Auteur - T Unchained
Can this caption say Top 10 Blondes with Brunet rooted Hair Fails Compilation!! Please.....
Auteur - Moving Forward
Uh there was maybe one real blonde in all of this.. buncha brunettes...
Auteur - Cheeto Cruz
Thank god blondes are dying out
Auteur - Npfetj65rfhjtw Jrurjzjzrzjr
I'm she crying or laughing??
I think both..
Auteur - Kevin kromopawiro
Some girls arent even blonde?
Auteur - Manon Devinck
- lol, she managed to scream...
Auteur - soulfull M.
each of them would look awesome - ON THE END OF MY DICK!!!!
Auteur - Michael Green
Auteur - Noxious
Not Barbie's not at all
Auteur - Cameron Angel
Everyday of my life is a Blonde Fail 👌😂
Auteur - Kim Trainito
Auteur - ThePootisman
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